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ONE YEAR in Our Home!

We’ve made it one whole year in our house!! I can’t believe it! It feels like we JUST moved in… but at the same time, it feels like we’ve been here for decades. I remember putting down a deposit for a new build in March 2020, right as COVID cases were growing. We planned to […]

Water Closet Makeover

After dealing with the heartbreak of losing two grandparents in a span of 30 days, I needed a small and simple project to get back in the groove of DIYs. The water closet in our primary bedroom was the perfect project to provide some distraction and a sense of control over the things without making […]

DIY Textured Wall Art (Neutral Swirl)

Have you ever come across a piece of artwork that you feel was made for your home but would leave you starving, broke, and homeless if you purchased it? Okay… That’s an exaggeration, but art pieces can definitely get pricey! Back in May, I created a DIY textured wall art inspired by Studio Mcgee’s $582 […]

One Room Challenge (Living Room Fireplace) – Reflection

How has it been 3 months since my last blog post, which celebrated the start of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge? I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve neglected this blog for so long, but I’m back and ready to share all the details of my recent projects! For more frequent updates, photos, videos, tutorials, […]

One Room Challenge – Living Room Fireplace

For the past few weeks, we’ve been busy working on our living room for the One Room Challenge (ORC). I’m so excited to share what we’ve done since the event started… but first, I’d love to tell you a little more about our plans. [The following was written several weeks ago and originally planned to […]

DIY Headboard Reupholstering

If you have been following along with the progress of our primary bedroom, then you know that I reupholstered our headboard for that makeover. When I first posted videos of me cutting into my headboard and tearing the fabric off of the headboard on my Instagram stories, a follower mentioned to me that she liked […]

Primary Bedroom Makeover

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Unfortunately, I’m working this Sunday… So while you’re reading this scheduled post, I’m probably reviewing doctors’ notes and preparing to see my patients for their occupational therapy sessions (If you haven’t read my About page yet, I’m an occupational therapist at a skilled nursing facility). […]

DIY String Light Posts

Even before we purchased a home, we knew that we wanted string lights in our backyard. We were so excited to finally live in a home with a decent-sized backyard (for this area of California, at least) and just had to figure out the best way to hang string lights with our specific backyard design. […]

Wood Panel Accent Wall – Primary Bedroom

Life has been busy so I haven’t been able to write a good blog post in a while. If you don’t already, please follow my Instagram for exclusive Instagram content , including videos, additional photos, smaller DIY projects, polls, and more frequent posts! After a month-long hiatus from this blog, I’m glad to be back […]

DIY Picture Ledge

I’ve always loved the look of a picture ledge above a living room sofa but have always found them to be a little on the pricier side. I wanted a picture ledge that extends across 2/3 to 3/4 the length of my couch. For the sectional in our front living room, my ideal picture ledge […]

DIY End Table

Do you remember when I built a coffee table to place over our living room ottoman? Well, it bothered me that our end table didn’t match our coffee table anymore. My end table had a grey/cool tone, while my coffee table was a lot warmer in color. Since I had plenty of red oak plywood […]

DIY Guest Bathroom Makeover

I know, I know… I’ve heard it many times… “Your house is brand new. Why are you redoing the bathroom?” Although I agree that our downstairs guest bathroom is in great condition, I also feel that it is builder-grade and has no character. I decided to do a budget-friendly makeover to give it some life […]

DIY Pendant Light Hack

I hope you have all had a great week. I got to meet my newborn niece, Juliet, this weekend, and she made my heart melt!! I can’t wait to see her again and watch her grow. Maybe I’ll be able to teach her some DIY in the future! For now, I’ll keep myself busy with […]

Backyard Phase 1

Phase 1 of our backyard is done!! Woohoo! We are ecstatic that it’s not a just a bunch of dirt anymore. One of the main reasons we decided to move was because our old home had an extremely small zero lot line yard. This means that our neighbor’s wall was built at the border of […]

DIY Textured Wall Art for $30

Do you ever see an expensive piece of art that you really want but can’t afford? I came across a piece that I love by Studio Mcgee, titled “Textured Movement,” but for $582? Wow! As much as I love The McGee’s Dream Home Makeover series on Netflix and the Studio McGee line at Target, I […]

Spice Drawer Organization

Welcome back to Home with Emily Jean! I am truly humbled by the support I have received since the launch of this blog. You guys are the best!! To show my appreciation, I will be announcing a giveaway on Instagram later this week… so stay tuned! Until then, read ahead to see how I organized […]

DIY Over-Ottoman Coffee Table

I have officially completed my first DIY project for Home with Emily Jean! Woohoo! I’ve never been a huge fan of ottomans… Yes, ottomans may be convenient when you want to prop your feet up while watching TV, but I love having a solid, stable surface to put things on while adding some color and […]


I am beyond excited to have you here! Let me start by introducing myself… My name is Emily. I live in Northern California with my husband, Vince, and our two pups, Luna and Leo. I work full time as an occupational therapist and enjoy spending my free time eating good food, looking up home decor, […]

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