Emily Jean

Hello there! I’m so excited to have you here 🙂

My name is Emily. My husband, Vince, and I live in a newly built home in Northern California with our two doodles, Luna (4) and Leo (2). I’m an occupational therapist by day, a decor enthusiast by night.

When I was young, I dreamed of becoming an artist, an architect, or an interior decorator but followed the stereotypical Asian expectations of going into the medical field instead. Although I enjoy helping my patients learn to live independently with an injury or illness, I am most at peace when I am at home, spending time with my family or creating a comfortable space where we can unwind after a busy day of work. Home truly is my favorite place to be.

I’m just your average girl with a few tools, a passion for home decor, and big dreams. I don’t have a professional background in home decor/design and am just a beginner with most tools, but I’m so excited to learn and hope that you’ll join me as I transform our builder-grade home into our dream home. I hope I can be an inspiration to you all in some way.


  1. I’m Taiwanese-American. My parents were both born and raised in Taiwan (not to be confused with Thailand) but met in California.
  2. I’m fun-sized at 5’2″!
  3. I love to paint, especially with watercolor and oils.
  4. I’m a big snacker. I love chips, crackers, fruits, etc!
  5. I prefer tarte/fruit flavored desserts over the “sweet” types, but I do love a good chocolate chip cookie or brownie edge.
  6. I despise reading instructions, manuals, or recipes… and only look over them if I can’t figure out how to make something work. Thank goodness Vince actually enjoys reading them!
  7. I am an Enneagram type 9, “The Peacemaker.”

Check out my instagram to learn a little bit more about me and my style. Thanks for following along!

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